Challenge yourself with Karnival!

As we met and spoke to our newest intake of Freshers this year, one thing  that we noticed was their desire to do more charity work in their time at University. Whilst RAG Raids and MegaRaids wet the appetite for charity work and commitment to causes, setting yourself a personal challenge and giving yourself fundraising targets is one of the best ways to make the most of your time at University. Getting to a lecture at 9am may seem challenging enough, but reaching Uhuru Peak with your friends is beyond worth the pain.

In the next few weeks, students from all halls and all years will have signed up to take on the challenge of Machu Picchu or Kilimanjaro. There will be talks across campus and we’ll have Choose a Challenge representatives visiting to inform us of the great adventures they offer.

Although employers are impressed by seeing grand fundraising totals on CVs, that is not the main motivation for most of our climbers. Annie Hartmann, who chose to take on Machu Picchu last year, said: “I signed up because it’s something new and I really wanted to do something other than an average girl’s holiday next year!” Laura Watson, a member of our Executive Committee, climbed in 2015 and said: “Although it was one of the most challenging weeks of my life, it was without doubt worth it.”


The fundraising may seem intimidating now, but there are many ways to collect the funds you need which are simple and sociable; organising a pub quiz, a Come Dine with Me event or even a house party which charges entry are easy for first time fundraisers. We asked Craig Pike, a former Karnival Rep who climbed Kilimanjaro last Summer, what he found to be the best ways to fundraise: “What helped me the most was asking local businesses to put up tins; the hotel I work at also put on a charity quiz. Furthermore, doing street collections in a solid, adventurous outfit is easy although I wish I’d have capitalised on University open days.”

12191557_414959555360827_7601349606349962251_n (1)

The Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu trips are officially open and await your sign up! For more information on the fundraising targets, actual expedition plans and first hand accounts from those who have climbed before, come to our information talks. For Kilimanjaro, come to Clive Granger A40 on Tuesday 1st November at 7pm; for Machu Picchu, come to Clive Granger A48 on Thursday 3rd November at 7pm. The talks last between 20-45 minutes and are worth every minute!



Happy fundraising!

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