Being a Karni Rep

We’ve taken you across the UK on RAG Raids, on the 7 Legged Bar Crawl, to London and Ocean on Megaraids, organised Pub Quizzes and we’ve paved the way for you to trek across the world for Charity. But sadly for Karnival 2015, we have to hand over our infamous red polos to the newest intake of reps. Across every hall on campus, not one rep will deny that they have had incredible fun this year. Not only have they befriended freshers from their halls, but on socials and at Foxy’s after RAG, there is a whole new social sphere to be explored.

The incredible events that our Events team have organised so far from the St Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl right up to Winter Wonderland this Tuesday are all free events for Reps; although work is completely voluntary and Reps receive no commission on sales, there are countless perks and handy tricks awarded.

Oxfam also offered Karnival places to volunteer at Glastonbury this year, which is an incredibly sought after program – Glastonbury for free! Trust us, once the end of term and post-exam Ocean events kick off, you’ll be glad to have a queue jump. Not only does Karnival provide Reps with a great social life but it is invaluable when applying for internships, graduate schemes and jobs. Being able to claim that you have volunteered literally hundreds of hours of your time assisting freshers collect tens of thousands of pounds for no monetary gain impresses the employer no end.

Karnival is the biggest Student-run Charity organisation outside of North America. We’re a big deal, and we’re an exclusive resource to the University of Nottingham. Admittedly, university seems to be far more pressure than it used to due to fees and competitive job markets so you may be concerned about your workload in the coming year. Although reps would be the first to admit that it is intense, a balance can definitely be found. Ask your current hall reps what they’re on track for; most that we know of are on a 2:1 or higher from a range of courses. In our opinion, Karnival is what you make of it. If you put the effort in, Karni gives back.

We have faith in the upcoming fresher groups that you can continue Karnival’s legacy into 2016 and continue to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for some hugely important causes. Applications are now open and are different from hall to hall: find your Karnival Reps on Facebook or within your hall and clear up any issues you may be worried about.

Clare Rennie, Cripps Hall Karnival 2015


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