Since we all became reps, we have had opportunities to do some amazing volunteering work within the local community.
In Karni we call this Kontact, and it’s one of the best things about Karnival because rather than putting money in buckets and sending it to charities (which is still amazing!) you get to physically see the difference you’re making to people’s lives. Here are some examples and stories of opportunities we’ve had through Kontact.

Young carers day: in May this year, Karnival organised a Young Carers day. Young Carers are children whose parent’s are ill, disabled or otherwise unable to look after themselves, and they have a great responsibility from a young age to look after their parents. We planned a day of fun and games so they could forget their worries and spend a day being a child again. Karni reps joined with societies such as NerfSoc and Dodgesoc to create an environment where the children could focus solely on having fun. It was amazing to see so many smiles on their faces, and you could hardly tell they had any problems at all. It was a fun day for everyone involved, and it was very fulfilling knowing we’d helped people in the local community.

Gardening trip: this February we went to a local children’s hospital and refurbished the garden. We revealed our inner artists and painted fences, replanted flowers and made what was a run down garden into a children’s paradise. The children absolutely loved seeing people renovating their garden and ran around taking photographs. After we’d finished, we went inside and met some of the children and it was really lovely to see how excited they were about what we’d done. They even wrote us thank you letters!

Hospital trips: every Wednesday, Karnival organise a trip to take some reps to the QMC to visit children’s wards and brighten their days. This is definitely the most rewarding because it’s inspiring to see how children in these situations can still keep a smile up and get on with fun activities, and the activities we organise such as painting autumn leaves and reading stories can really provide a break for children who are in there for long periods of time.

We hope everyone will get involved with Karni at some point, whether it’s collecting money for charities in fancy dress or helping out at a local school, making a difference to people’s lives is what Karnival is all about.

By Nightingale Karnival

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