Fundraising for Challenges Made Easy!

With each challenge that has been announced by Karnival this year, we’ve seen a lot of anxious faces worrying about putting down a non-refundable deposit and then being unable to meet their fundraising targets (particularly for the more expensive challenges like Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu). Now, after having just announced the Barcelona marathon 2016 in support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, those faces have once again emerged, and we want to help calm your nerves and allow you to participate in and enjoy these fantastic events across the globe. With that in mind, we have put together a (non-exhaustive) list of fundraising ideas that could aid you in meeting your targets:

Bake sales – at uni, children’s hospitals, schools.. But make sure you get permission first! (If you can’t bake, check out Krispy Kreme’s fundraising prices – who doesn’t love a doughnut?!)

Film nights – could be organised with your JCR. Charge a few pounds for entry, provide snacks/drinks/etc

Street collections – the most obvious and usually most rewarding, decent fancy dress and a decent location gets you crazy $$$$$

Sober challenges – particularly successful if you’re known as a big drinker/smoker in your social circle. Alternatively, every night you go out during your sober challenge, put the amount you would normally spend into your fundraising!

Raffles/bingo nights/pub quiz – get a decent prize(s), sell tickets to your friends/family/course mates/etc, easy peasy!

Talent shows – get yourself and/or a bunch of your friends with mad skills to put on a little show, charge for entry 24 hour challenges – e.g. trampolining, cycling, rowing – obviously don’t do a straight 24hrs yourself, but get your friends/family to join in and take it in turns!

Holiday-targeted selling – e.g. roses for valentine’s, eggs for easter, etc Coffee mornings, pudding nights, etc – charge a certain amount, use a portion to reimburse the cost of the food (if you want) and put the remainder towards your target

Donations – alongside street collections, this is usually the biggest way to raise money – get your friends, family, family friends, colleagues, employers, whoever to donate to your online fundraising page. You could even ask for donations for birthday/Christmas presents! (Basically, good old-fashioned begging does the trick!)

Sweepstakes – target upcoming sporting events and run sweepstakes where a percentage of the pot is prize money

Fancy dress – turn up to uni one day dressed as something hilariously outrageous and collect from everyone in your lectures (and set yourself up for becoming a BNOC if that’s your kinda thing)

Car boot sales – throw together all that stuff you swear you need but never actually use and see what you can get for it!

Clothes sales/swaps – get your old clothes (yes, even that dress you swear you will wear one day but know you never really will) and weigh them in, sell them, or even organise a clothes swap scheme for a few quid per ticket!

As I said, this list is non-exhaustive and there are hundreds of other ways to raise money for such good causes. Don’t let the figures put you off these once-in-a-lifetime experiences, you will seriously regret it! And if at any time during your fundraising you get stuck, don’t forget there will be Karni reps, exec and your challenge’s charity ambassador to help you along so don’t despair!

Karni love xxx

By Bethanie Merryweather (St. Peter’s Court Karnival 2015)



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