“Not drinking has never stopped me from having a good time”

Hassan is a 2015 Karni rep that has made the decision not to drink alcohol at university. We inteviewed him to ask if this decision has in any way affected his experience with Karnival. Here’s what he said…

What hall are you in and what course do you do?

I’m a fresher at Southwell hall on Jubilee campus and do computer science.

The 2015 Jubilee Karnival Team
The 2015 Jubilee Karnival Team

What made you want to become a Karni rep?

I wanted to participate in one of the biggest student run charitable organisations in the world and also thought it would be a great way to meet new people and have fun whilst raising money for a good cause.

Are you enjoying being a Karni rep?

Yes, I love the rags as I get to go to loads of different cities weekly and I actually love raising money for charity and knowing that I have made a difference.

 What are you most excited about for being a Karni rep?

I’m really looking forward to the Snowflake ball at Christmas and seeing the total that’s been raised by all of the reps, execs and Freshers this academic year and also to see if Jubilee has bettered the total from last year. I decided to become a rep during this years Snowflake ball as I was fed up of Southwell almost always being last and wanted to be the person to change that.

What do you feel that you have gained from the experience so far?

I’ve met loads of amazing new people almost on a weekly basis, raised loads of money for charity and felt great doing it. I have something amazing to add to my CV and also travelled around the country!

What are you opinions about the stigma of the ‘drinking culture’ attached to Karnival?

I don’t think there’s any point in denying there are some Karni reps that like a good drink but I find it really frustrating that there is a negative stigma attached to it. We do so much good not only for the university but also the greater community. People don’t appreciate how much of a difference the charities we represent make upon peoples lives until someone comes up to you to donate money during a rag and tells you how that charity impacted and often changed their life. Karni raise a huge amount for charities every single week and still get criticised for working hard and playing hard… Doesn’t make sense to me.

What are your reasons for not drinking alcohol?

In my house no one else drinks although that is mainly for religious reasons and even though I don’t share their strength of belief in religion I have never really started drinking and don’t feel the need to as I don’t believe alcohol will better my night. I am a naturally outgoing, confident and social person and now I’ve left home I don’t see the point in starting to drink as not drinking has never stopped me from having a good time.

 Do you think that not drinking alcohol affects your experience as a Karni rep in anyway?

 No I don’t think it does. It hasn’t changed my experience of any of the Karni events, rag raids, socials or anything else so far and I feel that I not having a limited experience at all.

By Hassan Khan

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