A Week in the Life of Hugh Stewart Karni..

A couple of months ago we brought you an article from Florence Boot’s Karnival team, entitled, A Week in the Life of FloBo Karni. Well 6 months on, amid the busiest semester you can experience as a rep, a few weeks ago we asked one of the Hugh Stewart team to pen us a piece describing a typical week in the life of a rep…

hu stu team long island

“This week has been a unique one for Hugh Stewart’s Karnival team. Despite the grand things that have happened over the past seven days such as the release of Chris Nolan’s epic sci-fi thriller (Interstellar), Britain’s owed money to be halved from £1.7 billion and One Direction’s latest world tour dates; our Karni team can personally boast a date with one of our joint two favourite exec, Becky Welton and a full team strong sign up to the Kilimanjaro trek in aid of HOPE for Children. Obviously a week like this didn’t go unnoticed; it wasn’t long before we were contacted by Hannah Schejbal (not to be confused with Hannah Chabal, the French rugby player) to write up our week in the life of Hugh Stewart’s Karnival team.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 14.38.16

 Sunday started like any other Sunday, our minds and our bodies weren’t quite on the same wavelength after a succesful rag raid and an enjoyable social, but we had to strive on regardless. The idea of a Kilimanjaro trek info meeting looming over us felt a bit like one of those huge alien ships in Independence Day. This wasn’t due to the subject matter of the talk but rather due to fatigue, overnight just isn’t time enough to recover from the physical and mental excursion that a Rag Raid asks of a Karnival rep.

However, fast forward a few hours and there we were; melting in to our seats like lumps of lard in a frying pan. Within ten minutes of the talk kicking off our fragile bodies became impregnated with a ludicrous idea…the thought that maybe our 6 very average bodies could struggle up the highest free-standing mountain on Earth seemed a plausible idea. Before we let ourselves think it through we signed ourselves up. As is the case with most Karnival related events from the highly regarded rag raids that collect money for charities, to the local community volunteering ‘Kontact events’ there is always a deeper importance to all the fun Karnival offers us students.

The Kilimanjaro Trek challenge is Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 14.45.25no different. It will help raise thousands and thousands of pounds for Hope For Children, a charity that support orphaned and homeless children in developing countries to regain their childhood. Despite the pain that we will suffer due to muscles ripping and our bones being crushed to dust on our trek up the normal Earth’s equivalent of Mount Doom we should constantly remind ourselves that we are changing lives with every step…comparable to Frodo and Sam’s trek to destroy the One Ring. 

Monday morning 9 a.m. lectures weren’t quite as painful as usual this week due to what we knew Karnival had in store for us later. After our accumulative 33 hours of lectures ended we headed to Browns for a seven-way date with Becky “Queen of Karni” Welton. In a previous incentive based competition, we had won the chance to go out for a fabulous dinner with any member of Exec and we had chosen Becky.

Hugh Stewart dinner date with Becky Dress code was a little muddled with very different understandings of smart casual on show. The ladies of the table were the only ones with clear previous knowledge of date attire and etiquette (despite Adrianna’s table manners making us all think otherwise). The best-dressed award would have had to go to Becky with her fantastic pair of heels and leaving the faint but lovely aroma of Chloe Eau de Parfum wherever she went. After the initial unnecessary confusion over whether we should have white wine or red wine with our meat dishes; a debate which lasted, in my opinion, far too long due to the quite obvious conclusion: red wine compliments a meat dish far more than a white and considering the current climate, cold and wet, a chilled white was simply a ridiculous choice; the rest of the meal went swimmingly. I do hope that Becky’s dates from henceforth go as well as ours did. Had it been a one on one I do believe there is a chance we may have fallen in love.


Between Monday and Thursday the team sold Kilimanjaro and Rag Raid spaces faster than Maxs Pizza, throwing money and tickets around like it was nobody’s business. But like the cool breeze of Thursday morning rolling down the hills of Nottingham there came change. Lorenzo had to be off for Art History consolidation week trips and the rest of the team embarked on Mega Raid. Having been trained by the late Henry Bennett (former Hu Stu rep) on how to be the best at everything ever, the four most capable members of the team raised at least £6 billion, breaking every record ever set since humanity began on Earth!

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 14.28.21

On their return people considered hailing them in to the city with palm leaves similar to that time Jesus returned to Jerusalem. However, the Karni exec were too tired from having organised a very successful Mega Raid to provide enough palm leaves, so this unfortunately couldn’t happen.

Then as any usual week ends with Karnival’s dark horse of a team we embarked on a Rag Raid, this week to Lincoln, to wrap up seven days full of hard work, man sweat and woman tears.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 14.49.20

 Despite the fun and games that we all have as a Karnival team it should be stressed that the work we do is hard but extremely rewarding. To know that you have raised hundreds of thousands (in our case billions but I’m attempting to speak in more relatable terms for the general Karnival population) for good causes around the UK and, in some cases, the world is just unbelievable. To be part of something bigger and life changing is something we as a team will never forget. Karnival has made us better people…except for Lorenzo…he is still an awful person.

 If our week was all 100% true I see no reason why we wouldn’t win team of the week…or just give ours to Derby again.”

If you are interested in becoming a rep and have anymore questions, please talk to your reps as applications are going on now! As anyone will tell you, being a rep is one of the most fun things you can do with your time at Nottingham, as well as being a tremendous boost to your CV, so why would you not..?

Written by the Hught Stewart Karnival Team



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