Why should you apply to be a Karni rep?

“The experience of being a Karni rep is what you make it, but you can be rest assured that what ever you put in you will get ten times more out.”

As you already know, being part of Karnival as a fresher is a fantastic experience. You can enjoy all the best parts, such as Rag Raids, 7 Legged and Snowflake Ball; but have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes, and how such a relatively small organisation manages to make such a huge impact in the world of student fundraising every year? If your answer is yes then you should think about applying to be a Karni rep for your hall.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 17.18.43First and foremost, being a Karni is huge amount of fun! Whether that’s leading a bus full of freshers out on a rag raid, getting to go on some awesome socials or meeting other reps that will be friends for life, being part of Karni is an experience you will never forget from your time at University. As our treasurer said the other day, it’s like being part of a big family, as you will be able to find plenty of like minded people. But aside from the fun there is so much you can take from the experience that will help you in later life.

It gives you the opportunity to form efficient working relationships in a team, which is so important for life after university. It is most probable that in any career path that you chose to take, it will be such a helpful trait for you to have. You will have to work very closely with the rest of team as Karni rep, meaning that you should be pretty good at it by the time you graduate. Having a shared objective with the rest of your team brings you together and will hopefully lead to you enjoying one of your proudest moments of the year; the total amount of money you raised as a hall for charity this year.

Not only that but as a Karni rep you will be able to put on your CV that you took part in over 1000 volunteering hours, which will give you so much to talk about in interviews! Karni can add a completely different dimension to your time at university, as it seems that these days, graduating with just a degree is not enough. Many companies and employers take a huge interest in Karni, as they understand the skills needed to be effective rep, such as marketing, sales and business skills.

BGP wendy house

Karni chooses the charities that they support throughout the year, but as a rep you have the opportunity to support charities personally close to you and your team through Karni community support programme, Kontact. Hospital trips in Nottingham are open to reps; where we visit the children’s ward at the QMC, doing arts and crafts and building relationships with them and their families. As a regular student at Nottingham, you see it as a student city, but being a rep allows you to see it as a community and meet people other than students.

You can tailor your experience as a rep, choosing as a team to focus on Kontact or challenges aboard such as the Machu Picchu Trek or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Nightingale chose the Josh Carrick Foundation as our hall charity as we had personal links with them, so we supported them by selling charity merchandise and partaking in various challenges, including the Yorkshire Dales 3 Peak Challenge, and a sober month. As a rep, you will find the world of fundraising is completely opened up to you and you may find yourself doing incredible things that you may not have had the chance to do otherwise, such as skydiving.

Challenge event in 2013!


Last year, Karnival raised £1.7 million for charity and being part of Europe’s biggest student run charitable organisation is truly fulfilling. Even though being a rep is hard work, it does not go unrewarded and we enjoy regular renowned socials throughout the year, including trips to other parts of the UK. You will find some of your best friends at university will be the people you have worked so closely with throughout your time in Karni.

The ultimate reward is Snowflake Ball at the end of the year, where all your hard work is revealed in one incredible night. Motivations for being a good team and raising lots of money lie behind the pride of winning a cup at Snowflake for your hall.

If you have any questions about becoming a Karni rep, speak to your current reps in halls who will be more than happy to discuss the application process with you and their experiences of being a rep.

By Lucy Flynn, Nightingale Karnival


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