University of Nottingham Karnival does Movember

So today is the 31st October and most people if not students will be spending today (and tonight) at the height of holiday festivities for Halloween. However the return of all Hallows eve also signifies the beginning of a new tradition fast becoming a regular occurrence in the calendars of many this year during the 11th month of the year; Movember. 


For those that have been living under a rock for the last 18 or more years of their life, Movember is a fundraising campaign that takes place every year that aims to raise vital funds for Prostate and Testicular Cancer and literally ‘change the face of men’s health’. Every year Nottingham University students get involved and we have historically seen some weird and wonderful moustaches of every variety all with the aim of supporting this great campaign. We are on the look-out for anything bold, creative and funny this year. Check out some of these pictures for inspiration….

An extremely eye-catching and intriguing style. You are sure to raise tonnes if you can sport something of this variety!
If anyone at University of Nottingham can fashion something this impressive then absolute hats off to you. You will be winning at all things in life.
Here is a more classic style from David… but who doesn’t love a bit of Mr. Beckham to look at?!

However this year we want to make it bigger and better than ever before. We want to get as many guys and girls involved in supporting this fantastic cause, cos hey girls, just cos we can’t grow one doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and support someone the cause anyway!

girls movemeber

So maybe you can think beyond the face paint of tonight and make a more permanent facial change for the next month. Whether guys you back yourself with a trucker or you think you can go for a more classic rockstar please get involved, raise some cash and most of all have fun with it! Please join the Karnival Movember page and get involved!

Written by Hannah Schejbal, Karnival Publicity and Campaigns Exec


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