Do something amazing this summer, Climb Mount Kilimanjaro!

How would you like to do something amazing with your summer whilst raising vital funds for charity?

This Sunday evening we will be holding info meetings on University Park and Sutton Bonnington so you can all hear about the chance to trek Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of Hope for Children. Doing the trek could be one of the defining experiences of your time at Nottingham as well as being incredibly rewarding. Don’t want to take my word for it? Tom Scraton, who went on the trek for Hope For Children two summers ago has written about why it was the best decision he could have made…

It was exactly two years ago to this day that I was sitting where you are, feeling equally as skeptical and wanting to ask just as many questions as you all probably have right now. My advice: Forget every single doubt you have about the costs, fitness requirements and the fundraising and say yes without hesitation because you are sitting in front of one of the most exciting opportunities you will ever get offered.

I know it’s cliché but it was honestly one of the best decisions I ever made. Every day of the entire trip was an experience never to be forgotten. Reaching the summit is without a doubt my proudest achievement to date, whilst to going on Safari and chilling on the white beaches of Zanzibar with friends that will now be friends for life rounded off the most incredible trip (Google ‘Paradise’ and that’s pretty much Zanzibar).


However most importantly I got to visit the children that my fundraising was helping to support. Trust me it is impossible to express in words the feeling you’ll all get when you play street football with these children and be thanked by the teachers for the money that you raised. It is just incredible.

Yes, obviously it is difficult and you’ll face challenges along the way (if you didn’t think this you may as well leave now) but raising the money is incredibly easy if you are organised and plan ahead. HOPE Soc are also on hand to assist you in fundraising so it has never been easier. In addition to this you don’t have to be some protein-drinking gym monkey to get to the top of the mountain – I did it and spent my first year eating dominos and going out. In addition to this you are taken up the mountain by world-class guides who think of the mountain as their back garden – you’ll always be safe.

So I was asked to write something short explaining why every one of you should climb Kili. My conclusion: Do it. I guarantee you will be sitting here in 2 years time saying exactly the same thing.

Want some more info about the trip? Come to either A48 in Clive Granger at 7.00pm or B12 in the Main Building in SB at 6.00pm on Sunday to hear all about it!

Written by Tom Scraton, University of Nottingham student


One thought on “Do something amazing this summer, Climb Mount Kilimanjaro!

  1. […] The Kilimanjaro Trek challenge is no different. It will help raise thousands and thousands of pounds for Hope For Children, a charity that support orphaned and homeless children in developing countries to regain their childhood. Despite the pain that we will suffer due to muscles ripping and our bones being crushed to dust on our trek up the normal Earth’s equivalent of Mount Doom we should constantly remind ourselves that we are changing lives with every step…comparable to Frodo and Sam’s trek to destroy the One Ring.  […]

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