6 Reasons to RAG this semester..

Frequently voted as the top thing to do in Nottingham before you graduate, RAG raids and Mega Raids are a time old tradition organised by your Karni Reps. Here below are 6 reasons to get on a Rag this semester…

1. Do something good with your weekend

Last weekend students of Nottingham raised over £12,000 for various charities during their collections. The money collected genuinely makes a huge difference to the charities we work with.

2.  It’s a chance to get out of halls on a weekend and visit other cities…

liverpool rag raid

Nothing ever really happens on weekends anyway as many of you will have now worked out.

2. Stick in the Freshers mindset and get creative in fancy dress!

 Fancy dress themes vary from a standard superheroes to the weird and wonderful. The better you dress the more you collect as well – so it’s a great reason to commit to your costumes!

4. The day ends with a great social.

Your reps know how to have a good time and they will make sure you end the day in style with an awesome social ending in Long Island.

5. Getting to go on a Mega Raid

The piece de resistance of all rag raids are Mega Raids. Travelling to London on Thursday night and flooding the city with collectors all for amazing causes like Poppy Appeal. When the charities are this well-known people seek you out to give you money! Last Friday’s Mega raid raised over £21,000 for Breast Cancer Campaign.

6. They only come around once

1474459_10151899556556056_1679633699_n You can only go on rag raids up until Christmas so make sure you get on at least one before they are gone for good and towards the end especially they sell-out –  make sure you get on one before its too late!


Interested in being a rep? Make sure you get yourself on every raid!


Written by Hannah Schejbal – Publicity and Campaigns Exec


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