MegaRaid for Breast Cancer Campaign

For those of you who are interested in the chance to win an iPad whilst doing something amazing for charity… Listen up.


 This Friday Karnival will be embarking on their second Mega Raid of the semester collecting for Breast Cancer Campaign – and it is open to any University of Nottingham student. Courtesy of Karni, the best collector will being given the grand prize of a brand new iPad! Breast Cancer Campaign have also put together an awesome selection of prizes, including ASOS vouchers, Nando’s vouchers and Amazon vouchers. But a few of you may be wondering what is a Mega Raid?

BCC iPAD competition

For anyone unsure, Karni run rag raids every Saturday for the whole of the autumn semester, travelling to different cities in the UK and raising thousands of pounds for charity. However, three times in this semester we take the concept of a rag raid further when we go to London and collect in its busiest spots all day, blowing normal rag raid totals out of the water. These are known as Mega Raids.

Travelling to London on a Thursday night, we stay free of charge in of the best hostels so that we’re able to be best placed the next morning during rush hour to get all of the commuters. If you have experienced the great feeling of friendly people giving you money on a rag raid, the MegaRaid is unexplainable, when you find yourself with over £300 or more in your bucket at the end of the day!

Last week in London, when collecting on a Mega Raid for Children With Cancer UK, we were overjoyed to find people on their way to work giving us £10 and £20 notes without even batting an eyelid. The city becomes a sea of MegaRaid collectors and there is a great feeling among everyone that goes.

The prestige of the MegaRaid among charities means that we are given permits for some of the busiest spots in London and you may find yourself collecting for huge charities such as Breast Cancer Campaign and Poppy Appeal in Liverpool Street Station or London Bridge. As the raid is a whole day there is a chance to travel around to different spots and see some of the city. London is one of the most bizarre and eclectic cities in the UK, from breakdancing and mime artists, to people offering to buy you coffee, as they are so impressed with your efforts. Of course, no MegaRaid would go unrewarded and we travel back to Nottingham in high spirits and head to Ocean to celebrate the achievements of the day.

BGP BCC rag raid

On the last MegaRaid, we collected for Children With Cancer UK and managed to raise a huge £8033.94 for the charity. The next MegaRaid will be taking place on 24th October and we will be collecting for Breast Cancer Campaign, one of the biggest charities among students in the UK. If you have enjoyed rag raids so far, then this is definitely something that you should take part in as being in London allows collection to be taken to a whole new level.

On this weeks MegaRaid, if you raise just £100, which is easily done, you can provide Breast Cancer Campaign with two year’s supply of petri dishes used by their scientists to replicate breast cancer DNA. Even this is a huge dent into the treatment and prevention of Breast Cancer… So imagine what we could do with over 200 people.

bcc research
Talk to your reps in halls about how to sign up or message the Karni page if your in second and third year.The Breast Cancer Campaign MegaRaid is not to be missed – we look forward to seeing you in London!

By Nightingale Karnival


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