Welcome University of Nottingham Freshers!



You’ve packed up the car full to the brim with Paracetamol and duvets, uploaded the routine ‘off to unay’ Facebook status and are saying finals good-byes to a tearful mum. The time has finally arrived- University of Nottingham Freshers!

university of nottingham


Firstly a big congratulations on getting your results to land your place at Nottingham, we can’t even put into words how much of a great time is ahead of you in the next 3 years! In your first few weeks you may find the whole freshers experience a bit overwhelming with so many different aspects of university life to explore, which is why we would like to make sure you don’t miss out on checking out Karnival.

Karnival or ‘Karni’ is the biggest student run fundraising organisation of its kind in Europe, raising over £1.7 million in 2013. We run a range of amazing student events all with the purpose of raising money for charity! Whether you go on one of our huge bar crawls, sign up to do an incredible adventure challenge, volunteer at the local hospital with us or come on a RAG raid it is likely you will get involved with Karni in some way this semester! But how can you get involved?

mrf crop no fade

Karni is run by a group of 11 Exec members who in turn work with the 126 reps who you will be there to step in after your Week One reps are finished with your Freshers Week. So if you want to make sure you don’t miss out make sure you chat to your Karni reps! You can’t really miss us in our red polo’s and we are there to bring you all the best Karni has to offer, as well as being second years that are just there if you need someone to talk to.

However, the essential ingredient for a great first year is getting involved in Rag Raids. Coming to university, I had never heard of the phrase. But looking back, what would our first years have been without them? A Rag Raid is when a students from each of the halls travelling to a different city on a Rag bus each Saturday morning, collecting for a great charity together in brilliantly themed fancy dress with Karni reps, and returning to Nottingham that evening to celebrate your collection for the day with the other halls. Rag Raids give you the chance to see a new city every week: Liverpool, Manchester, London, Bath, Leeds… the list goes on.

liverpool rag raid

Socially, Rag Raids pose a great opportunity to meet loads of people from your own and other halls. When we think about my own friends we’ve made at University, we met so many of them through Rag Raids. And if that isn’t enough, the chance to raise serious money for amazing charities such as Marie Curie, Breast Cancer Campaign, Alder Hey and many more and beat the other halls in collecting the most. Karni is a huge competition all year and every hall wants to come out on top. So if you’re looking for a great way to try out a new society, meet people, and do some real good for charity, then look for Rag Raid sign ups in your halls.

So whether you’re on a campus on halls, a campus off halls or even living out Karni is one of the best ways to get involved, meet your fellow Freshers, and do something great for Charity whilst having a bloody great time. Karni will enhance your university experience in so many ways and we hope that you will join us in your first year.

So make sure you come and check us our at Freshers Fair, we have loads going on and are so excited to meet you and looking forward to offering you what no other university organisation can!

Written by Nick Miller Lenton and Wortley, Becky Player Broadgate Park & Lucy Flynn Nightingale



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