A week in the life of Flobo Karni…

Ever wondered what goes on in Karni? What is it reps actually do with all of their time? Check out what Florence Boot reps typical week is made up of when they tell us about a fortnight ago..

This week for Flobo Karni, as every week, started off on Saturday. After a lovely full English for brunch (my favourite Ocean hang-over cure) all six of us convened in the Flobo bar, on the comfiest sofas ever, and chat about last night’s antics in Ocean and what we have to do Karni-wise in the following week. This week we put Saint Paddy’s Day sales at the top of our list as we knew we were behind the other halls! We also talked about challenges. This year for London to Paris we have seven people signed up and a couple for the Kilimanjaro trek. But excitingly there are loads of people doing charitable things all throughout Flobo off their own back. Our very own Ben Paul, along with 3 others, is currently working for an organisation raising money for Anthony Nolan, the UKs blood cancer charity and 3 people are hitchhiking to Croatia raising £1,000 between them! We always try and keep a track of the any charitable goings on in Flobo and give any help that we can, and encourage people to keep it up!

As always we leave feeling contented, as if we are on top of everything and on are way to the £100,000 total we set for ourselves this year! That is until the Karni wide Monday meeting where we get loads of new things to focus on. This week festival stewarding became a big focus for us, as well as, Bratislava to Bust, a Top Gear-esque challenge driving cheap cars all the way to Slovenia. There is loads of excitement for this in Flobo with people scanning Auto-Trader for a Ferrari for less than £500.

By Wednesday, Saint Paddy’s Day hype was picking up, so instead we turned our focus on to arranging a summer rag raid for Flobo. After many discussions with the JCR trying to get the funding, we seemed to be on the right track, just awaiting final approval from the JCR president. After talking about this to people in halls, the excitement for the return of the rag raids was building as everyone loves a good old fashion rag! As well as this, the JCR have given us the opportunity to arrange some events in the final two weeks of term, which we are in the process of sorting out.

On Friday, as an adventure leader for the London to Paris Challenge (you get on a bike and cycle between, yep you guessed it, London and Paris), I will be meeting with the other adventure leader to discuss are plans leading up to the cycle to the iconic French city.  Our job is to make sure that we help anyone who is struggling to reach their target of £950 but also to make sure everyone gets to know each other and we create a team atmosphere, especially for such a social challenge such as this. Plans involve a cycle themed social, where the best Bradley Wiggins side burns win a prize, and getting people to use their family contacts to arrange events such as coffee mornings or a pub quiz in the local.

Florence Boot Hall Karnival Reps.
From left to right: Shantam Mehra, Ben Paul, Ben Loe, Isabel Daniels, Olivia Rook, Jack Ettinger

Finally, as the week draws to a close, excitement amongst the six Flobo grows as another trip to the big ‘O’ looms near. We all put on are best shirt and prepare for another night of Baywatch and cheesy tunes before the whole process starts again! As much as it is a lot of work, even in this early stage, all six of us are seeing how rewarding and fun being a part of Karni is. Bring on the 100k!


By Jack Ettinger
Florence Boot Karnival Rep


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